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B-C Products Inc. is the innovator in the concept of providing the home balloon builder with the latest and most advanced materials available, technical support of design and construction techniques to enable anyone to build their own gas balloon envelope.

B-C Products Inc. are the first in the world to utilize naturally vaporized NH3 for flight and are considered modern day pioneers. With the cooperation and support of the National Aeronautic Association and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale, the AA-2 World duration record was broken and 22 National records were established.

To date there have been thirty systems built with the concepts developed through B-C Products Inc. The expanding opportunities for pilots to experience NH3 gas flight, without the limitations and expense of helium, have created a new frontier for gas ballooning that before was limited to the fortunate few.

The envelope assembly can be designed to almost any volume to meet the FAI Class requirements for competition and record setting. A “natural shape” or commonly referred to as a “quick fill” envelope and the traditional spherical envelope can be constructed to allow for a minimum amount of crew effort and reduce inflation time. The envelope is easily heat-sealed together using a household iron. This technique eliminates the need for sewing and maintains fabric integrity. The 2,800 pound test load tapes are run through guides that have been bonded along the outside of the envelope and attach to the valve at the top. This allows the envelope to “float” inside the load tapes eliminating any stress to the fabric itself. The lower end of the load tapes are attached to a load stress ring which is then attached to the basket.

The valve is of the “Teller” design using 0.250 aluminum and 651 Anneal plate with an inner ring. The inner ring and outer valve ring form a compression seal of the envelope fabric. The outer valve ring and valve plate spring guide are designed to position the compression spring to provide for a fail safe operation.

Due to the unlimited possible volume requirements of an individual, the lift factors are shown only for a 1,050 meter gas balloon (37,000 cubic feet) using NH3.

Altitude	Sea Level	5,000 ft.	10,000 ft.	15,000 ft.	20,000 ft.
Lift		1,173 lbs.	1,010 lbs.	866 lbs.	736 lbs.	523 lbs.
Model 1050 M, 37,000 cubic feet. A complete materials package with either “Natural Shape” or “ Traditional” envelope and finished valve assembly $4,500.00.

It should be noted that most all of the current B-C Products Inc. systems have been built by “ amateur” builders. All have been pleasantly surprised by the “ease of construction.” B-C Products Inc. are aware that you may have considerable trepidation at the undertaking of building your own gas balloon. That is why they are available to help you with any questions that arise during the construction of your custom system. Flight information, training and crew briefings are available as well.

Note: Due to the inherent properties of NH3, extreme safety precautions must be exercised at all times!

B.C. Products, Inc. is pleased to announce a joint venture with Coyote Balloons, Inc. in developing and distributing the first “pilot activated air bag” for gas and hot air balloons. The “OPD” occupant protective device (patent pending) is a gas “CO2” inflated fabric bag to protect the passengers and pilot in high winds landings. OPD’s range is size from four feet by three feet to four inches for collar rings for upright tanks. Marketing and distribution will begin in early spring 1995. Prices vary from $65-145.

For more information please fax or call Ken Tadolini, Distribution Director. FAX (303) 730-1142 or Phone (303) 936-8389.

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