Galaxy Balloons, Inc.
820 Salisbury Road
Statesville, NC 28677
(704) 878-9147

Contact: Elenor Conn

Galaxy Balloons
Galaxy Balloons is a company with a unique history. Rising like the mythical Phoenix from the unused US FAA Type Certificate of another balloon company, Galaxy started in full production in 1985 to become a full line balloon manufacturer. In fact, in its first year of production, Galaxy came in as the third largest manufacturer of balloons in the US and has never looked back.

In 1994, Galaxy introduced the new size 11 balloon, bringing the line up to full strength. It now covers sizes from the 6, with a displacement of 56,000 cubic feet, all the way up to size 11, which displaces 240,000 cubic feet.

Galaxy Balloons are the best value in hot air balloons in the world. Combining function, safety and aesthetics, each system is designed with you, the pilot, in mind. Each model is strong, lightweight and inexpensive. For maximum safety and strength, the carriage frames and removable uprights are constructed from nonconductive materials, natural rattan for the smaller sporting systems and high-tensile composites for the heavy-duty ride carrying end of the spectrum. In none of the carriages are there electrically conductive metal structural members such as those that you’ll find in every other rectangular carriage in ballooning. Sturdy 7mm wicker is woven vertically to prevent snares and entanglements during low level flight and landings. Nonconductive fuel hoses and high-tech insulated fuel tank covers protect against potential arc strikes. A full range of electronic or mechanical instruments are mounted either in a handsome panel or, in the larger baskets, in a convenient, easy-to-read “heads-up” display.

All Galaxy envelopes are built from strong, long-lasting polyester with an exceptionally durable coating. The approved redline continuous operating temperature of this fabric is 300 degrees (a full 50 degrees higher than any nylon envelope). “IntegralNet” construction provides enormous envelope strength and allows for complete fabric panel isolation by transferring stress from the fabric to the load-carrying structure. The use of many small panels gives great color design flexibility. Full 360 degree skirts and parachute valves are standard on all Galaxy models. A new modified scoop is also available.

Other safety features include nonconductive Kevlon suspension cables for envelope hookup, rotation vents, FireToo (a reliable backup burner) and an emergency pilot light shut-off switch.

Galaxy balloons come equipped with the revolutionary, new Mirage burner from The Balloon Works. At 43,900,000 BTU per hour input, it is the most powerful burner in the world! At 101 dbA, it is also the quietest.

Optional equipment includes 15 gallon stainless steel tanks, fully electronic altimeter, variometer and temperature indicator, rotation vents, Nomex skirt and scoops, pulley-assisted valve lines, various configurations of compartmentalized carriages and spectacular graphics.

Galaxy Balloons and The Balloon Works are pleased to announce that the international network of FireFly dealers now has the exclusive distribution rights for Galaxy Balloons.

Galaxy sizes 7, 9, 10 and 11 balloon envelopes are now STC’d over the carriages of several other manufacturers.

Model	Price		Size	Gross Wt.	Basket	    Burners
6 	$15,700   	56K    	1,200 lb      	4048         	1
7B	$16,700   	65K    	1,300 lb      	4048         	1
7	$20,000   	77K    	1,680 lb      	4048         	1
8B	$22,200   	90K    	1,900 lb      	4860         	1
8	$25,200   	105K   	2,400 lb      	6072/6096    	2
9b	$33,500   	120K   	2,800 lb      	6072/6096    	2  
9	$34,500   	140K   	3,200 lb      	6072/6096    	2
10	$37,500   	180K   	3,600 lb      	6072/6096    	2 
11	$40,000   	240K   	4,000 lb      	6072/6096    	2    

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