National Ballooning, Ltd.
2004 West Euclid Ave.
Indianola, IA 50125
(515) 961-6113
(515) 462-4718

Contact: Phil Gray

National Ballooning, Ltd.
National Ballooning, Ltd., founded by Phil Gray in the early 1970’s, is a manufacturer of high technology, state-of-the-art aerostats. The company’s many technical advancements have made possible the production of the very refined, high performance system.

Operations began as a commercial company selling balloons, rides, promotions, ground school, training, etc. In 1979 Phil built his first balloon which is still airworthy and flying.

After the construction of several experimental balloons between 1979 and 1981 type certification was applied for by the company. National Ballooning’s first certificate was obtained in July 1981 under the new Federal Aviation Regulations in Part 31.

National uses only first quality materials and stresses precision workmanship. “We don’t just build a balloon,” notes Gray, “they are individually crafted to fit the needs and tastes of the customer.” This detailing and originality has been a welcome change in manufacturing and warmly received by the owners of National balloons.

Each envelope is a personal statement as it is designed by the individual, allowing for a unique system, not a repetition, stamped out, assembled and shelved. The company feels that this quality sets each and every system apart from all others. To better accommodate the customer, National Ballooning has developed systems ranging from economy to deluxe models.

Safety has always been a prime concern at National Ballooning. Therefore, incorporated in the National burner design are: double blast valves, fuel lines, and fuel supplies on all single burner systems. In the event one side should fail, the other operates independently with normal response, no delayed after burn, or yellow, sooty flame.

The National parachute tops make deflation a snap and maneuvering a pleasure.

Being a small company allows National Ballooning to give its undivided attention to detail, tailoring each system to the desire of the customer.

And coming in 1993, certification has already begun on two new models, the 140 and 160 for those operators who need larger capacity and want National quality!

Envelope: 1.9 oz. ripstop nylon (lighter weight fabric optional at additional cost), skirt, vertical or horizontal cut option, envelope bag. Parachute deflation or optional 2/3 velcro 1/3 parachute. (Note: The entire top fits 10” inside the top opening so there is a fabric as well as velcro seal.) National’s combination top was designed and tested in the 70’s and FAA approved and certified in 1981. All envelope models have vertical and horizontal load tapes.

Burner: Gemini II Burner, dual service system, two 10-gallon aluminum tanks, vapor or liquid regulated pilot light. Nitrogen system available.

Basket: 42” x 50” Elite Rattan Basket, four point carabiner pickup, side rails padded and suede covered, suede papers pouch, Ball 655 instrument pack (digital altimeter, digital pyrometer, electric variometer) is standard. 42” x 56” and 42” x 66” models are also available.

Warranty: All Nationals are covered by a 40 month or 300 hour fabric warranty.

Vertical Cut Gore
Model		Size (cu. ft.)	Retail Price

12-gore		65,000		$11,495.00
12-gore		77,500		$12,495.00
20-gore		65,000		$12,995.00
24-gore		77,500		$13,995.00
24-gore		90,000		$14,995.00
24-gore	       105,000		$15,995.00

Horizontal Cut Gore

12-gore		65,000		$12,495.00
20-gore		65,000		$15,495.00
24-gore		77,500		$16,495.00
24-gore		90,000		$17,495.00
24-gore	       105,000		$18,495.00

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