The Balloon Builders Journal

The Balloon Builders Journal

The Balloon Builders Journal is a technical newsletter dedicated to the exchange of ideas between sport and recreational balloon enthusiasts.

The Journal grew out of Bob LeDoux's lack of communication between, and information for balloon builders. LeDoux transitioned from amateur airplane construction, which has a tremendous information base, to balloon construction for which very little is written. When LeDoux started his first envelope construction project (1986), most of his information was garnered from various balloon factory repair manuals. The Balloon Builders Journal was begun to fill that void and to help ensure that reasonable minimum safety standards are shared among experimental enthusiasts.

Past issues have covered a diverse range of topics including ammonia gas ballooning, a series of articles on the design of custom envelopes, and reports on individual building projects. These projects have ranged from design and building of replacement envelopes to construction of a custom burner system. Currently the publication is examining lightweight balloons, including the design of low cost, low effort systems as well as ultralight aircraft.

The Balloon Builders Journal is published six times per year with an annual subscription fee of $12. Each issue is punched for a three-ring binder. Back issues are kept in stock so new subscribers may obtain a complete set. The Balloon Builders Journal is published by Bob LeDoux, 2895 Brandi Lane, Jefferson, OR 97352.

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