Sectional Chart Quiz

Test Your Sectional Chart Knowledge
(For the answers to some questions, you may need to refer to the
photo of the sectional chart

  1. Sectional charts are prepared by the :
    a) FAA
    b) General Accounting Office
    c) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  2. Sectional chart are updated every:
    a) 24 months
    b) 12 months
    c) 6 months

  3. Magnetic declination is indicated on a sectional chart by the:
    a) isometric line
    b) isogonic line
    c) isobar line

  4. Airports having control towers are shown on the sectional chart in:
    a) blue
    b) magenta
    c) black

  5. The symbol ® on a sectional charts means:
    a) restricted airspace
    b) private airport with emergency or landmark value
    c) radio tower

  6. Sectional charts show the controlled and reserved airspace from the surface to:
    a)10,000 feet MSL
    b)18,000 feet MSL
    c)18,000 feet AGL

  7. What is the maximum terrain elevation in the area surrounding Beaumont Municipal Airport (BMT)?
    a) 8,000 feet
    b) 800 feet
    c) 1,500 feet

  8. What is the height above ground of the group obstruction indicated just southeast of BMT?
    a) 331 feet
    b) 300 feet
    c) 31 feet

  9. BMT is located in a Terminal Radar Service Area. At what level does this airspace begin over the airport?
    a) surface
    b) 7,000 feet
    c) 1,600 feet

  10. The airspace above BMT is classified as:
    a) Class E with the floor 700 feet above the surface
    b) Class D
    c) Class E with the floor 1200 feet or greater above the surface

  11. The proper radio frequency for contacting Beaumont Municipal Airport (BMT) is:
    a) 114.5
    b) 98.5
    c) 123.0

  12. The closest airport to BMT that has an operating control tower is:
    a) Hardin County
    b) Jefferson County
    c) Orangefield

  13. The bold, black circles on the sectional chart indicate:
    a) military training routes
    b) terminal radar service area
    c) flight service station advisory area

  14. Sectional charts are drawn to the scale of:
    a) 1:500
    b) 1:5,000
    c) 1: 500,000

  15. BMT’s field elevation is:
    a) 32 feet
    b) 320 feet
    c) 123.0 feet

  16. The slashed black line located just below (south) of BMT indicates the location of:
    a) a fence line
    b) a roadway
    c) a railroad

  17. The parachute symbol adjacent to the BMT locator means:
    a) emergency landings are practiced here
    b) skydiving is not allowed at this airport
    c) parachute jumping may occur in this area

  18. To find the definition of a sectional chart symbol you do not understand you should:
    a) purchase an Airman’s Information Manual and look it up
    b) call the nearest Flight Service Station and ask
    c) refer to the chart's legend

  19. Obstructions to aviation are indicated on the sectional if:
    a) they extend above 1,000 feet AGL
    b) they are below 1,000 feet AGL
    c) both of the above

  20. The understanding and use of a sectional chart is required by the:
    a) FAA
    b) BFA
    c) FARs

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Answers: 1. c 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. b 6. b 7, b 8. b 9. c 10. a 11. c 12. b 13. b 14. c 15. a 16. c 17. c 18. c 19. c 20. c