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peratures down to the mid 20’s and highs
inthe 60’s one week, changed tolows in
fourthannual edition of the Great Casey
Jones Balloon Classicand Air Show. This
year an air show was added to the balloon
events thus requiring a name change. The
four daysprior toOctober13thsteadily
improvedfor the ballooningcommunity
and theweekend was pictureprefect.Clear
skies andlight winds eachday.
The Great Casey Jones Balloon Clas-
sic and Air Show isa major fund raising
activity for charity.The agencies that ben-
Cen terforCh ildDev elop ment,the
KiwanisFoundationandLifeline Blood
Services.Lasty eartheyraisedov er
$52,000. The results ofthisyear’sevent
have not been totaled but all expectations
arethattheywillexceedthatbya wide
15,000people intwo days.
No event of this magnitude could be
successfulwithoutastrongsponsor and
volunteer base. In its fourth year these two
McCarter and Co-Chairman Seth Zamek,
almosta year but it all came together.
The Media Flight on Friday morning
majorarteries in town. Fiveballoons gave
Friday evening saw the first of the sched-

uled balloon events, the balloon glow and
tethered rides.The community has learned
toanticipatethisandturnedout insuch
soldfor the firsttime ever. Nineteen bal-
loonsglowedtilltheyranoutof fuel. It
7,000 people attend this Friday nightglow.
Of course all the other activities were
openandrunning onFriday. With carni-
zoo and a multitude of food vendors there
wassomethingforeveryone.There was
evenlive music on the main stage featur-
ing “Night Shift.” People were still trying
togetinatclosingtime. Saturdaynight
Mpulse & Mickey Utley performed on the
main stage.
Saturday morning’s task was a fly in
to the field. Pilots were required to launch
fromatleast twomiles from the field. A
large “X” wasplacedonthe fieldasthe
target.A 30foot pole witha ringontop
was placed atthe center of the “X.” This
took it off the pole. A red baggie would be
thrownat the “X” for points. All 22bal-
loonshada goodtrack intothe pole and
the fifthone in piloted by Maury Petrehn
took thering. Scoring Officer Pat Tronsor
andhis crew, wasbusy measuringsince
most pilots threw their baggies. A second
Judge Declared Goal was located north of
Chuck Corollo had his hands full as most
pilots scoredthere aswell. Balloonmeis-

ter Bill Cunningham hadannouncedthat
prize moneywould be paidto 22places.
Saturday afternoon the Mill Masters
Air Show washeld twice. A huge crowd
saw aerobatics ona scale seldomseenin
these parts. Just watching the planes take
biplanes,anultralightstun tplane,a
Citabria and a Sea Fury all performed for
the sunburned spectators. There was even
a demonstrationbythelocalradiocon-
trolled airplane club.
Hare and Hound with Cunningham as the
Hare. Twenty two balloonsinflating and
eventwocorporate balloons, ReMax pi-
City Volvopiloted byJulian Tune.
Cunninghamfounda suitable place
and laidout the “X” target. Mosthad the
Howard Holmes with a perfect dead cen-
ter throw received $100, Mike Wade with
athrowof 1 inch got $75 and Hulon White
withathrow ofthreefeetgot$50.The
parkinglotoftheHome Depotwastoo
good alanding spotto pass upandmost
landed there. Needless to say ahuge crowd
gathered at once and many volunteered to
help pack up. Brian Rohr elected to tether
right there andgave ridestoall the chil-
dren who wanted to ride. He tethered until
he was out of fuel. This won him a special

The Great Casey Jones
Balloon Classic and Air

by John W. Fanning




tional $25.
crew were treated to food provided by
variouslocal restaurantsandthefood
committee directed by Casey Oliver. She
ruled over the activities in the VIP tent
and everything ran very smoothly. She
and here crew of volunteers were recog-
nized for theirhard work anditwasappre-
ciated by all pilots and crew.
The standings at the end of Saturday
were (1)Robert Hall, (2)Maury Petrehn,
(3) Julian Tune,(4) Hulon White,(5)
Mike Wade, (6)Wil LaPointe, (7)Brian
Crawford and (10) Roy Smith.
Sunday morning’s weather was a re-
peat ofFriday and Saturday,clear and
light winds.A fly into thefield was
called. The “X” was put back out and a
second JDG goal was declared about one
mile from the field. The two mile launch
rule was again in effect. When the bal-
loons came into view they seemed to be
all in a row.Surface winds took them
down the main runway, some 200 yards
fromthe target.What asight 22 orso
balloonsall linedup 20to30 feet from the
ground along the runway. Two pilots did
get close enough to score on the target.
The awardsceremony was quite ani-
mated and most pilotsandcrewwanted to
get on theroad home. Thetop overall
winners were (1) Maury Petrehn $1,500,
(2) John Wade $1,20O, (3) Julian Tune
$1,00O, (4)Stewart Crawford $80O, and
(5)Joe McKay $700. Maury Petrehn was
also named the Tennessee NABA Cham-
pion ($500) as well as the $5,000 pole
money. He had a good weekend.
The Chairmen of the various com-
mittees were so impressed with Balloon-
meister Cunningham that they had a spe-
cialtrophymade and presenteditto himat
the awards ceremony. They felt that this
was the best balloon classic that they had
ever had.
All scheduled tasks flown! All prize
weather! More money raised for charity!
The Great Casey Jones Balloon Classic
and Air Show keeps getting better. Y’all
come next October and see for yourself.

IMAGE jackson010203.gif
IMAGE jackson010204.gif

Rig ht:Ma ur y Petreh n
grabs the $5,000 ring from
atop the 30 feet pole.

Bottom:22 inbound
balloons line up for a
straight-in approach to
the main runway.

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